Skydive Auckland

Prize: Learn to Skydive Course

Do you want to learn to skydive solo? Skydive Auckland is New Zealand’s largest skydiving training centre, providing the highest standards in teaching, equipment and safety. Learn to skydive with Skydive Auckland’s Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF) and you could be jumping solo in only 8 jumps. The first step to skydive solo is to complete one of our full day ground training courses which teaches you everything you need to know including how to exit the plane, how to fly a specific body position, how to fly and land your parachute safely. At the end of the day you are ready to throw yourself out of a plane and start your journey to skydiving solo.

Next: ready to throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane? Redefine freedom and transform reality at Skydive Auckland with the highest tandem Skydive in New Zealand at a thrilling 20,000ft. Imagine freefalling at a speed of 200+ km/hr with a spectacular backdrop of both the east and west coasts of NZ, Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island and Mt Ruapehu. After freefall you will enjoy the serenity of a beautiful parachute ride and see stunning views in every direction. As soon as you are down you will want to do it all over again! Our 17 seat plane is ideal for groups so you can jump with all your friends and family and experience it together. Want to bring a support crew? Our viewing deck is perfectly positioned right next to the landing area. 

Skydive Auckland is located in Parakai in West Auckland, an easy 45 minute drive from Auckland City. With free transport provided (subject to availability), Skydive Auckland is the ultimate skydive destination in New Zealand.

Check out the Skydive Auckland website.

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