Kaitiaki Adventures

Prize: Raft the Kaituna, Sledge the Kaituna, Mt Tarawera Volcanic Crater Experiences

Kaitiaki Adventures is a 120% climate positive operation, passionate about continually providing world-class adventure tourism products in Rotorua. Infused with a unique blend of Maori culture, we’re inspired by the stunning environment we live in and the culture we live and breathe.

Raft the Kaituna with Kaitiaki Adventures. 
Snake through steep native bush clad canyons, cascade over 14 awesome rapids & 3 waterfalls including world-renowned 7 metre Tutea Falls, the Highest Commercially Rafted Waterfall in the World! Blended with touches of Maori culture, this trip offers it all, for both white water rafting enthusiasts and first timers.  

Sledge the Kaituna with Kaitiaki Adventures. 
There is something for everyone on this intimate excursion.Beautiful Native Scenery, play holes and awesome rapids to negotiate your way through as you take the river on at eye level; you are in charge of your own vessel- propelled by the flippers on your feet. Our kiwi guide crew are there to encourage and motivate you and help where necessary, awesome family fun. No experience necessary. 

Mt Tarawera Volcanic Crater Experiences. 
Experience the unique landscape and history of Mt Tarawera. Infamous for its eruption on June 10th, 1886, Mt Tarawera created the world’s youngest geothermal valley of Waimangu, at the same destroying the legendary Pink and White Terraces. This fully guided walking experience encompasses the unique landscape and history of the area. With unmatched scenic vistas and 360 panoramic views this experience is ideal for all ages and includes an optional run in to the heart of the volcanic crater.

Kaitiaki Adventures is proud to support the Virtual Race of New Zealand with prizes for all 3 experiences – we look forward to welcoming you!

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